Thursday, December 13, 2012

Colorado Big Tops

Future Ideas & Reuse

Here are some ideas for what we can do with the empty big tops. The open floor plan lends to a multitude of possibilities for reuse. If we can find a functional and purposeful use for the buildings, then their marketability increases exponentially. 

Layout of Existing Market
5185 W. 1st Ave., Denver 80219

Proposed Idea for a Cafe/Fast Food/Small Restaurant


Source: Robert Autobee, original artist’s rendering of the AutoMart/Big Top from 1959 for the store on South Broadway in Englewood, which was demolished in 2009

Floor Plan

Reference Articles

Big Top Disbursement

1. 5185 W 1st Ave, Denver 80219
2. 845 S Federal Blvd, Denver80219
3. 5005 W 38th Ave, Denver 80212
4. 1129 S Kendall St. Lakewood 80232
5. 3405 E. 1st Ave, Denver 80206
6. S Broadway & Orchard
7. 3100 W Jewell Ave, Denver 80219
8. 112 Del Mar Circle, Aurora 80011
9. 5801 Leetsdale Drive, Denver 80224

Site: Leetsdale Drive

5801 Leetsdale Dr. 

Occupied, Busy Road, Structure, False Skin

Continental Cleaners

Site: Preoria & Del Mar

112 Del Mar Circle

Occupied, Proximity to Major Intersection

Lek's Asian Market

Site: Federal & Jewell

3100 W. Jewell Ave.

Occupied, Secondary Road

Country Gas